How to get a ganching teeth key

This shoulder piece is the first in a series of studies of epiphytes. Like Love Tooth, this is another in my series of wall-mounted bouquet forms.

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I may or I... I participated in two international artist residencies in 2007. October 2007 part of 2007 installation series curated by Susie Ganch This project began... This sculpture will provide... A permanent public project based on my 2002 installation cumulate.

Destiny: The Taken King - How To Unlock The Hidden 'Gnashing Teeth Key' Chest On The Dreadnaught

My personal feelings about dowsing lie more on the side of skepticism, but for this piece, I thought the iconic dowsing or divining rod was the perfect object to...

An installation created for The Recycled Rain Project, an annual art show of works made with collected rain water to raise awareness of water issues.

Commission to create three outdoor sculptures for the new Garlington Center.

How to Ganache Cakes Without Gnashing Your Teeth!

I created artwork for five sites at the Peloton Apartments in North Portland that all allude to mapping. I was commissioned to create eleven large sculptures for the new Randall Children's Hospital at Legacy Emannuel in Portland, Oregon in winter of 2011-12.

Pouffe , Woodcarving , Lake Oswego. This piece, entitled May evokes both a time of year and a state of mind.... I have returned to the bouquet form over the years as a vehicle for portraiture.

how to get a ganching teeth key

Walking Stick for someone who stays indoors, mostly. Rule No.

how to get a ganching teeth key

VeloMap commute and wanderlust, attached to the west... When I was... An ongoing series of freestanding sculptures measuring between 1-3 feet high.

how to get a ganching teeth key

Each floor... Beech Street Jungle is a permanent installation of animal and plant silhouettes that inhabit the Beech Street Apartments, a four-story apartment for women who are... This piece was incorporated into a dance...

how to get a ganching teeth key

Happitat is a series of sixteen integrated stainless steel screens that surround a Head Start program's covered play area located within Stephens Creek Crossing, an... In 2016, I participated in the Glean artist's residency, where five Portland artists are allowed to pull art materials from our local Waste Transfer Station and use... Made from stainless steel, the birds and leaves on each tree have names of key donors...