How to defrost frozen mussel meat

Strain the broth.

how to defrost frozen mussel meat

Treating them as Tracey indicated should be a good start. Kerry Beal. According to the U. Just don't cook them too long as they are already cooked.

Why not defrost 'em and use 'em in salad - it could be a spoil-yourself mussels-tossed-in-dressing deal, or as a highlight in a mixed salad. Recommended Posts.

how to defrost frozen mussel meat

Go To Topic Listing Cooking. Video from Recipes Follow. Reduce heat when steam is released from the sides of the pan.

how to defrost frozen mussel meat

Watch the pan carefully, and remove each mussel as it opens. Is it summer where you are? Do not prepare or eat mussels if you are allergic to seafood.

how to defrost frozen mussel meat

If you have to thaw your mussels immediately, place them in a plastic bag and immerse the bag in cold water, allowing 30 minutes per pound. By abadoozy , August 19, 2010 in Cooking.

Step 4. Recommended from Chowhound.

cooking fully cooked frozen mussels

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how to defrost frozen mussel meat

Step 1. Turn heat on high.

Mussel Meat

I can't imagine the freezing enhances them like smoking and canning. The FDA recommends that seafood not be left unrefrigerated for more than one hour when temperature is above 90 degress Fahrenheit. Close-up of frozen mussels.