How to cook wagyu steak at home

how to cook wagyu steak at home

Shop Our Store. During this time, the temperature rises by several degrees, thus finishing off the cooking process. Compare All.

how to cook wagyu steak at home

Friend's Email. Is there a certain cut of wagyu that you feel is better to use? Let the beef rest for 5 minutes. Carefully lay the beef seasoned side down in the heated skillet.

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A5 Wagyu from Kagoshima The highest rated beef in Japan, A5 Wagyu has the highest level of quality and marbling achievable in the Japanese system and higher even than some Kobe Beef in Japan.

how to cook wagyu steak at home

Just pick the steak up and rotate 90 degrees. Sear both sides for 2 minutes each, and then reduce heat to the pan to medium-low.

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While you can serve the Wagyu beef as simple strips, consider making white rice to go with the meat. Steak Dishes. Learning how to properly prepare your A5 Japanese Wagyu is essential to getting the most out of the experience. A wagyu steak can be handled in the same way we do for regular steak.

Pull your steak accordingly, so it does not overcook.

how to cook wagyu steak at home

Then sprinkle sea salt on the remaining exposed surface of the steak. But in any case, the resting time for cooked wagyu would be shorter than other types of beef as wagyu has less blood vessels so the meat would not lose as much juices. DO NOT: