How to carve a turkey diagram cooking

how to carve a turkey diagram cooking

Really appreciated this, particularly the secret cut - why didn't I think of that years ago. Slice into the breast just above the ribs until you reach the breastbone. I plan on putting it to use this evening.

how to carve a turkey diagram cooking

Any knife can be made to be sharp with a couple caveats some knifes will get beyond razor sharp scary sharp this type of knife may not hold that edge for long. Then, you cut perpendicular to the grain and create smaller slices with a little skin on each one. You may notice one round medallion of meat left over on the body. It's easier to keep skin on each slice that way for me. I mean, it looks so easy when other people do it, serving up perfectly sliced pieces, handing them out with grace.

This is a darn good primer on carving a turkey. Many claim this is the best part of any bird, sing its praises, and swear by its mystical powers. But even if that's not an option, these simple steps will guide you towards a perfect carve. But please: Now watch what happens when you slice the breast. If it wasn't so close to Thanksgiving a person might want to roast a whole chicken and take a practice run. Problem is they don't really ever get that sharp. Learn from my mistake.

How to Carve a Turkey

John Sphar 1 year ago. The extra bonus is this makes getting the dressing out of the bird a breeze.

how to carve a turkey diagram cooking

Cut through the joint or just pop it out using force and remove the drumstick. Now you've got the hang of it! How do you save face and serve the bird without making a mess of it all?

These directions and pictures will enable anyone to carve a turkey perfectly!

How to Carve a Turkey : How to Keep Turkey Warm

I prefer slicing the entire piece of breast meat off each side by starting at the breast bone and cutting down to remove the entire breast. It's nice that this technique keeps them intact. They push down on the blade trying to push it through whatever they are cutting rather then using the blade to slice through.

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how to carve a turkey diagram cooking