How to care for strawberries over winter

This is one of the easier ways to go about winterizing strawberry plants in pots!

how to care for strawberries over winter

Watch our video on How to Make Strawberry Preserves! I cover my plants with sun shade cloth. Gardeners in the northern part of the United States may need to begin watering earlier.

Strawberries are hardy down to U.

Overwintering strawberries in containers

All other years they were huge and very abundant. If you've got space for in-ground growing, go ahead and plant the strawberries now, as soon as you can before the ground freezes. What are they and how do I get rid of them? Any material that allows water to drain and air to circulate is an acceptable mulch.

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how to care for strawberries over winter

So, save yourself the work of replanting new plants each year and overwinter strawberries henceforth. Pruning encourages the strawberry to produce more fruit and it helps to mitigate disease.

Again, more specifics about in-ground overwintering strawberries is available on the reference page mentioned above and on this page: How to Mulch Strawberry Plants for the Winter.

how to care for strawberries over winter

I do, however, have a few questions. They've done extremely well, large robust plants. Caribbean Life 6: Thank you so much for all of your time and information! Sandy soil is great for providing proper drainage.

How to Take Care of Outdoor Strawberry Plants in the Winter

You are ambitious! Are the gutter planters a decent long-term viable setup? Another idea is to have a radio playing, especially tuned to a talk show; this has been known to deter some critters. Retrieved from http: How do you properly thin them out? About 3 weeks ago and know thwy seemed to have died any idea why?

how to care for strawberries over winter

Homemade Chocolate Covered Strawberries An easy recipe for hand-dipped decadence using fresh berries.