How to build pvc bird perch

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SIZE 12" X 10". This will create the main pole on the bird stand.

how to build pvc bird perch

Laura Ford has an excellent presentation at her blog, A Bird's Best Life, that will give you some ideas for creating perching areas in a variety of locations in your home. They are very "visual" creatures. Parrots Need To Go Places. Download Pamphlet. Answer Upvote. To apply the grip tape we measured out centers of the perch arms and cut out the pieces of grip tape.

how to build pvc bird perch

Thanks LabeledUp! Alternate Perching Sites. March 16, 2016. The same swings and coiled rope perches that can be used on a hook over a cage will also serve as alternate perching sites around the house, if hung from the ceiling.

I Made It! Attaches to Cage with Screw, Nut, 2 Washers. This will complete the base so you just want to make sure all of the legs are straight and that the opening on the center Tee is facing upwards. Your birds are very beautiful. Next we drilled out 9 holes on the center main pole where we could insert the dowels. We wanted to create a gripped surface for the perches on the stand so we added some skid guard safety tape. I decided to let them have the upstairs banister as a play area.

I'm not very good figuring out the stuff from scratch but give me Instructions and stand back!

The pipe cement had a really strong smell, dried quickly and was overall hard to use. More by the author: Armchair Perch.

how to build pvc bird perch

But it does give them a nice firm place to land and I can tie other toys to it. It comes with a sticky backing so just be aware if you have birds that like to chew, ours leave it alone but thought I would mention that. LabeledUp tomatoskins Reply 4 years ago on Introduction.