How to be better at agario

how to be better at agario

But if you feel confortable then of course it can be useful. When you are about to eat the smaller cell they will then quickly split, into as many cells as possible, into the smaller cell allowing it to consume you. I played this game where I think some cells were allies and no one got ahead because a few players dominated the map by not eating each other.

how to be better at agario

This will become pretty obvious as you play, but some positional strategies include: Ja nao sinto dores, comecei a fazer drenagem no terceiro dia, e ja retirei pate dos pontos tb!!!! Be mutually supportive. They will explode and you will get huge instantly.

This strategy works best with 3 players, one acting as a buffer in case someone should get too small to get mass, or in case of unexpected surcumstances.


Once you have splitted, especialy if you have missed your target, you are more vulnerable. This site uses cookies. Help make you and your teammate less scarier, so if another mega-sized player comes near either of you, the farther teammate can lend almost all his mass to the other teammate, and the teammate closer to the prey can instantly split-kill the unsuspecting player before he even knows how you or your teammate grew so big instantly. I guess other signs could be created elaborating with sending angles, sending speed,splitting and sending quantity.

how to be better at agario

Why do some players have a face of Obama or Reddit? The smaller you are, the faster you go. Those are viruses and they are your best friend early on.

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I got two loyal minions that would follow me to death. But that usually doesn't dissuade them. He then made it onto the top 10 just like that!

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We made it to 1 position extremely fast and I can only say that was the most enjoyable game I have ever played.

It is so addictive that it has become in a few weeks the most played game in the universe! I am starting to realize the real benefits of team play. Jump to navigation.

Agario Game Tips And Tricks; Ultimate Guide For How To Play The Game And Get Ahead Without Cheating

You have the most to gain by eating a player who is closest to your own size. All you have to do is look at the smaller one and corner THAT one. There should be many people smaller than you in this area.

how to be better at agario

You should be mainly trying to look for good opportunities. Enemies always follow the path with the most dots! Also you're much faster than them.