Galvatrons when we were kids naps

The battle over and Kid not responding to treatment, Lio Convoy asks for a private meeting with Lio Junior.

Lio Convoy in Imminent Danger!

This was very much a coordinated project we did. And heavy use of Photoshop.

galvatrons when we were kids naps

Pioneer LDC. In-hand, the toy hits just about everything you'd want in a Galvatron toy.

galvatrons when we were kids naps

Kind of a downgrade, don't you think? My Megatron is great!

Transformers Nebula Chapter One

But dude, this toy does not like to be transformed. The blow knocks Galvatron out of the ship, but he's rescued by Gigastorm, who carries him off in his hovercraft mode. He asks Lio Junior if the control unit was worth his friend's life.

galvatrons when we were kids naps

When Tasmania Kid finds out about Starscream's oil party, he says it must be a trap. Apache interjects and says that, after some research, he's concluded that because the device plays havoc with time and space, it could conceivable destroy the universe, hence why whoever built it sent it to Gaia to be destroyed.

The Strongest Tag Team?

Moon asks why Transformers drink oil while drinking a carton of milk. The device activates and projects a hologram of a super deformed Starscream.

galvatrons when we were kids naps

Galvatron's little head dude who is Megatron plugs into the neck fine enough, but like the Leader Class toys, the part of the head that makes him look like Galvatron is stored elsewhere. Three units pop out of the side of the ship, float into the sky and open up a triangular interdimensional doorway.

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Retrieved from " https: Galvatron says that he came to help; the forest is full of dangerous animals and pitfalls. I'm still not sure why! Galvatron smacks his brother for screwing up the coordinates and demands Hellscream find out what that thing is.

Tasmania Kid asks his comrades how they knew about the mess and Lio Convoy says they were alerted by Scuba. It doesn't make a difference.

galvatrons when we were kids naps

Evac 's always been a good toy, no matter who he's been redecoed into, and Galvatron's no exception. He finds Starscream's "special" oil and begins chugging can after can.