Fashion disasters bollywood actresses who smoke

This is not the way to show your wilder side.

fashion disasters bollywood actresses who smoke

Any outfit adorned by an actor or actress in a movie immediately becomes the fashion of that time. Contact us: Prior to that she wore a black dress and that can be dubbed as one of the most hazardous fashion disaster ever in the history. You look like a red rose bouquet that looks like a human.

fashion disasters bollywood actresses who smoke

We know you are a lost bollywood celebrities, but this is not the way to get noticed. Deepika was supposed to smoke for a couple of shots in her new project, Karthik Calling Karthik. Best Street Food in Kolkata.

fashion disasters bollywood actresses who smoke

After Bebo became bahu, we do not think she cares much about what she pulls off! Birthday Special: What a simple give away, right?

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B’Town Red Carpet Fashion Disasters

December 26, 2018. What is not great is a satin, light colored maxi dress that looks VERY comfortable to sleep in. Download from. Top 10 Bikes that Rule Indian Roads.

Deepika Padukone not to smoke on silver screen

Priyanka is shown extensively smoking and even taking drugs in the film. However, here are some pictures of 7 Bollywood celebrities that will make you think again about taking them as your fashion role models! It is said that human being learns from his own Mistakes.

Whenever we think of Bollywood actresses, we imagine them to have a great sense of fashion and think that they would never go wrong in whatever they wear. Bipasha had also claimed that since she doesn't smoke in real life, she won't do it for a scene unless it's absolutely necessary. Are Corn Flakes Bad for Diabetics?

Most Shocking Fashion Disasters of Bollywood Divas

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fashion disasters bollywood actresses who smoke

A canister jar was placed in front of her which released smoke and it was shot in such a way that when she sings, it seems smoke is coming out of her mouth. Recently at Cannes even Mallika showed her true colors when she was sighted in not only a bold nude-coloured gown but also partially nude dress, with a high neck and the dangerously designed low back.

fashion disasters bollywood actresses who smoke

Bollywood has for long exerted a deep influence on Indian Fashion. December 27, 2018.