Earthquake in chile 1960 how it happened

Chile earthquake of 1960

Travel Time Chart of the 1960 tsunami across the Pacific Ocean contour intervals of 1 hour travel time - i. The towns of Valdivia and Puerto Montt suffered the maximum damage. There was much damage to the dock at Noyo Harbor.

The tremor triggered a giant tsunami which caused destruction and deaths as far away as Japan, around a day later. Though the death toll in Chile was never fully resolved, early estimates of deaths worldwide, ranging into the thousands, were scaled back to 1,655.

earthquake in chile 1960 how it happened

The epicenter of the 1960 Valdivia earthquake lay around 100 miles of the coast of Chile in the Pacific Ocean. At the port city of Valparaiso, a city of 200,000, numerous buildings collapsed. Focal depth: Registering a magnitude of 7. Because the Nazca Plate carries mostly oceanic crust, it is denser than the mostly continental South America.

Huge earthquake hits Chile

This Day In History. The wave was observed at Kake, Juneau, and Ketchikan. The death toll for the 1960 Valdivia earthquake was less considering its magnitude. There was a drop in the level of the water and the bottom of the breakwater was nearly exposed.

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Reportedly there were 3,000 people injured, and 717 missing in Chile. Frame buildings were crushed or carried inland or out to sea. Geophysics Report. At Princeton a maximum tsunami height was 2. Iida, K.

10 Facts About The Great Chilean Earthquake of 1960

Lead Story. The epicenter of this tremendous shaking was just off the coast under the Pacific Ocean. In the Philippines , tsunami waves left 32 dead or missing. A warehouse and half a dozen houses were destroyed and other warehouses, stores offices, and homes, and their contents werebadly damaged.

Elsewhere along the western coast of the United States, notable tsunami waves and run-up were begun 15.

earthquake in chile 1960 how it happened

A special military unit, basically... A total of 1,678 homes were destroyed Iida et al. The Japan earthquake of 2011 had a magnitude of 9. Thousands of gallons of gasoline and oil spilled from overturned boats.

earthquake in chile 1960 how it happened