Dr who 1000 years ago

Irish News Revealed: Voyage of the Damned Prior to the Titanic incident, he claimed to have spent at least 33 months searching for Martha Jones in deep space TV: Jack Aidley Jack Aidley 924 5 10. He later mentioned that he rounded and adjusted his age based on different year lengths in different parts of the universe, claiming that in one obscure galaxy he would be two years old.

The Sound of Drums He apparently left primary school at the age of 45.

Animals in Africa 1000 years ago

The Infinite Quest. A team of local scientists have wound back the clock by 1000 years to reconstruct wildlife populations across Africa to help us better understand how they have shaped the world we live in.

Shortly before the end of his life, the War Doctor said he was 400 years younger than the Eleventh Doctor when he gave his age as "twelve hundred or something", making him somewhere between 800 and 900 years old. However, during an adventure with Donna Noble on the planet Calibris , the Doctor shot himself with several time reaver guns. Sign In Don't have an account?

dr who 1000 years ago

Super blood wolf moon stuns star gazers In Pictures: Adding up the years of all the "time can be rewritten" existences that the Doctor remembers but hasn't exactly lived through, perhaps?

The Impossible Astronaut , The Doctor's Wife During the time Susan Foreman travelled with the Doctor, Ian Chesterton , and Barbara Wright , she knew that despite his apparent maturity, in terms of their own species the Doctor was considered an adolescent.

The Doctor

A continent-wide assessment of the form and intensity of large mammal herbivory in Africa. Just shy of the Doctor's entire lifespan before that episode.

When he partook in a bloodfasting with the vampire Joanna Harris who was over 950 years old at the time , Harris was able to see the Doctor's memories through their temporary psychic link, and was instantly struck by the fact that he was "far older" than even she, who was the oldest of her vampire coven.

He has no clue.

The Doctor's age

The Dreaming In total, the Doctor spent 900 years on Trenzalore, making him roughly 2100 years old at the end of his first complete cycle of regenerations. Thus the Doctor may not in fact be a thousand years older than before.

dr who 1000 years ago

Robo Rampage Whilst travelling alone, Missy told the Doctor he was "getting old", having lived for centuries. When he met Sharon Davies , the Doctor claimed to be 730 years old, and blamed his age for his faulty memory.

dr who 1000 years ago

Retrieved from " https: An incarnation of the Doctor who featured in Introduction to the Night gave his age as 700 years old while refering to himself in the third person. He has no clue. I suspect the writing team have forgotten to consider just how long that is. The Pilot.

dr who 1000 years ago