Doctor who the highlanders reconstructing

It looks lovely, too. No episodes of this four-part serial, which sees the Doctor caught up in a clash between an advanced race of Elders and a band of roaming savages, are known to have survived. The expensive master tapes were wiped and reused; 16mm film copies for overseas sale were withdrawn and disposed of after a few years. A story with very little left.

doctor who the highlanders reconstructing

The entire story exists as an audio recording, which has also been released in full on CD. The Yeti return and invade London's underground!

This led to an interesting diversion, a couple of decades later, when Lucarotti novelised his original scripts, even adding an anachronistic prologue with reference to the Time Lords the Doctor would not speak of his own people until several years later in the series itself.

First of all, the sensitive New Zealand censors kept a scene of the villainous Oak and Quill, and various other perilous clips.

doctor who the highlanders reconstructing

Although the character models are a little more caricatured than those seen in most of the BBC DVD animated episodes, it tells the story very well indeed and is easily found should you be inclined. Two episodes of this six-parter — parts 4 and 5 — are lost.

Doctor Who: the 10 stories you can't actually watch

The Cybermen's first return appearance is missing its 1st and 3rd episodes, but the four-parter was released to DVD in 2014, with the missing material replaced with snazzy new animation. All seven episodes of this story, which sees the Doctor and his companions meet explorer Marco Polo in 13th-century China, are lost.

You are here: A further fifteen stories are incomplete.

doctor who the highlanders reconstructing

And yet, the fourth story has nothing. But the six-parter was released to DVD in its entirety in 2013, thanks to the lost episodes being recreated in animation.

How to watch Doctor Who's 97 missing episodes, from 1963 to 1969

The one surviving episode, plus a reconstruction of the other three pieced together from the surviving audio, existing film clips and photographs was included as bonus material on the DVD release of another story, ' The Aztecs ', in 2013. Here's how to watch The Orville in the UK. As of January 2014, 97 of these are not held by the BBC, or known to survive, and cannot be viewed - although they can be experienced in a number of ways. Everything you need to know. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below.

doctor who the highlanders reconstructing

This superb six parter is represented by various clips used in documentaries, and a fragment of a trailer, as well as telesnaps mentioned earlier. Doctor Who. Type keyword s to search.