Doctor who lottery ticket

While working to stop a Cyberman invasion of 18th century Klimtenburg , the Eleventh Doctor was about to reassure some of the villagers that the likelihood of a Cyber guard finding them was as likely as winning the lottery.

Final reward

The End of Time. The Deffry Dale teacher whom John Smith replaced won the lottery without entering.

doctor who lottery ticket

At some point, the Doctor encountered George Litefoot , on the island of Minos , where they fought off the Gentlemen of the Dice. Start a Wiki.

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Plague of the Cybermen. The Doctor's wedding present to Donna Noble was a lottery ticket purchased with money borrowed from her father, Geoff Noble. The Eleventh Doctor would reveal to Sarah Jane and Jo Jones that he visited all of his former companions from all of his previous incarnations, seeing how they got on.

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doctor who lottery ticket

Before his death, Geoff encountered the Tenth Doctor and gave him a pound. How could the man famed as the founder of Gallifreyan civilization—the man who harnessed a super-nova, developed time travel and became first Lord President of Gallifrey—still be in charge during the Time War? The End of Time. Retrieved from " https: Tony won the lottery, and he was invited to the Hotel Historia by Majenta Pryce.

Geoff Noble

He was interrupted when the Cyber guard found them, causing him to complain that he never won the lottery unless he travelled forward in time and checked the numbers first. After coming home from a football match one day, he uttered, " Veni, vidi, vici ".

doctor who lottery ticket

The Doctor told Rose that she would have a "really great year" with tears in his eyes. Continue Continue to log in for full episodes.

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Cancel Save. Luke rushed to his house to tell his mother, Sarah Jane , of his appearance. The Fires of Pompeii Geoff was walking his daughter down the aisle during her wedding to Lance Bennett when she unexpectedly disappeared in a burst of golden light. Sign In Don't have an account? Sign In Don't have an account?