Dagur how to train your dragon voices

This enrages Dagur, who sees this as a violation of the peace treaty.

dagur how to train your dragon voices

Dagur tried to convince her otherwise when she had to keep an eye on him. He continued serving Dagur, even when he questioned his alliance with the Dragon Hunters.

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Captain Vorg Captain Vorg was the one who told Dagur about the Skrill, though he failed to deliver it to him. Dagur also tells Heather that Ryker is even afraid of Viggo, despite being the older brother. Dagur is also very protective over Heather and always wants her safe.

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Absent 9. Dagur also tends to lean away from strategy, relying on brute force and harsh attacks to take down a target. All mine! His stamina is very high due to all of the training he has done over the years.


Dagur was impressed by Astrid's combination of fighting and dragon riding. A comedian.

dagur how to train your dragon voices

He protected Hiccup from a group of Dragon Hunters, as well as come up with an antidote for dragon root when Toothless had been hit by their arrows.

Upon hearing the Berkians had said Dragon, he organized an attack on Berk, which soon turned into a war.

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The new riders assisted in defending Dragon's Edge from Dagur, forcing him to retreat. The movie is described as a "documentary style comedy" that follows a group of friends and their exploits as they try to...

dagur how to train your dragon voices

Dragon Slaying: Dagur also held Stoick hostage, in exchange for Toothless. Seeing Heather's point, he asked if she was still mad about that. Do you like this video?

Dagur the Deranged

Dagur later rode out to prove he was right, and to protect his sister, possibly costing him his life. Absent 12. Thinking that it is nothing important, the teens leave the island and head for home.