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View Article Google Scholar 53. A demographic study of the keystone floodplain species Colossoma macropomum Teleostei: PloS one, 6 12: Such barriers can limit the gene flow and even initiate speciation [4] , [5] , [6] , [7].

J Biogeogr 33: The ichthyofaunal connection between upper Cuanza and upper Okavango has been indirectly reported earlier, mainly based on limited existing faunal records, namely the presence of Okavango—Zambezi species in the upper Cuanza tributaries [28] , [32].

The Cuanza Kwanza River is one of the westward flowing streams in Angola with its basin covering a narrow coastal plain and a steep escarpment rising to an altitude of more than 1,500 m above sea level [22].

Unfortunately, we have no possibility of broader comparisons for T. Selected specimens of cichlid fishes analyzed in the study. Cambridge University Press, Inc. Mol Phylogenet Evol 45 1: View Article Google Scholar 47.

Bull Br Mus Zool 25: Figure 1.

Malawi north to south: 11 must-see spots

Specimens were collected from the two river systems, Okavango Kubango and Cuanza Kwanza or Quanza , in six localities in total see also Fig. Figure 2. J Limnol Soc South Afr 8 2: Sheet 8 Mangochi , Malawi 1: Similarly, also the populations from the upper and lower Cuquema Cuanza were found as well-separated and unlikely to cluster together in all analyses.

Fishes from the upstream and downstream parts of the Cuquema River Cuanza , separated by waterfalls and rapids zone see Fig. An extant cichlid fish radiation emerged in an extinct Pleistocene lake. Despite the numerous geographic barriers, African rivers are characterized by high levels of connectivity, possessing species with very broad distribution ranges throughout the continent [11].

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