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In addition, the Pula's recent fall against the US dollar in September and October is expected to have increased the allure of precious stones to the market. Diamond smugglers arrested in Azerbaijan.

But the visits to London will soon come to an end. Mugabe and helped secure his victory in the last election by force, recently bought a large shipment of weapons and equipment from China, local news media reported.

There is an upside for some — the shrinking cost gap with gold means that people who would have defaulted to a white gold engagement ring are trading up to platinum. The latest figures suggest a resurge in demand for diamonds after a transitory reduction in the market's appetite for the precious stones, which resulted in a flattening out of prices in the third quarter.


Will Diamond Trading Company DTC , the roughs distribution arm of De Beers, bring in new sightholders - the 90-odd chosen clients who are assured supply? Officials within Mr.

The mining firms have transplanted the trees to facilitate mining and Anjin has put spy cameras on some of them. HRW mentioned only Mbada by name but rights bodies have also accused Zimbabwean state security agencies working with Anjin of abuses. According to the paper, the sale began on Monday.

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Global Witness said they are concerned that attacks against local miners by security officials in Zimbabwe—and the lack of transparency around diamond revenue from Marange—are reasons to continue banning exports.

The extreme popularity of pink diamond engagement rings worldwide is not a surprise.

chow tai fook rings hk p30

Top high net worth individuals including corporate honchos are expected to attend the auction and bid for the single copy of the Ferrari Opus. Project Kholo will commence in January 2012, and will ramp up to full production by July 2014. Not quite. Although the US is still the largest market for diamonds, it cannot be too long before it will be overtaken by China — and in a flurry of confetti.

Mugabe is pushing for elections because of his poor health — ZANU-PF would crumble or fracture without its leader — and to capitalize on the diamond wealth while he has it.

chow tai fook rings hk p30

South Africa—whose representative will become vice chairman—has argued that Zimbabwe has made great strides in cleaning up the Marange diamond zone and that exports should be allowed.

At the current pace - and given the stronger fourth quarter rough diamond demand linked to the festive season - analysts believe annual exports could reach P34 billion. Tuesday, December 20, 2011 BHP kicks off diamonds sell-off. Sunday, November 27, 2011 Diamond deal sets off scramble for partnerships.


According to a State government spokesperson, Mr. Modi had asked the State government officials to follow up the matter through the Ministry of External Affairs and the Indian embassy as he was quite concerned about the deteriorating health of the Indian accused in Chinese jail, and also arranged for providing them vegetarian food. Under the sanctions, the US assets of targeted entities are blocked and US nationals or companies are generally prohibited from doing business with them.