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I checked out Rommels entry into his diary on and around the events of Brevity i think he just omits anything like the above and says he orderd such n such unit around etc. Note-taking was forbidden, so all of this is based on personal recollections. It's a pretty good idea. It was the Germans themselves who let slip they had the US code, Ultra picked up indications of a leak, a British investigation eventually tracked it to Feller, again by German slips, the US Government rapidly changed their codes and shipped Feller home.

The actor's world-weary eyes, barking voice and deadpan humor seem perfect for the role of a hard-charging, charismatic egotist like MacArthur. It bordered on criminal neglicence in my view to first use, and then not change a code that was in use in both Axis and Allied countries for confidential communications.

Very good book BTW. Recent notable deaths. Again thank you Andy H. Andy from the Shire.

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It appears the Germans read Fellers' despatches in a time-critical manner i. The British Officer allegedly replied "Methinks the lady doth protest too much! Bonners Frank Fellers. All the best Andreas.

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British Official history doesnt point fingers but just states things like the German-Italians knew such n such attack was coming etc Am sure there is a passage in one chapter which states something along the lines of that the German dude in command of the forward units during Brevity wanted to pull back thinking he had been hit by 2 divisions but Rommel was able to quickly click on hey this is only 55 tanks and a handful of men. Visually dizzying, thought-provoking. His job: Did Fellers ever know that he was The Good Source?

Tim Clayton and Phil Craig It is amazing how information released into the public domain can change perceptions built up over decades. Does anyone have information regarding Fellers career after July 1942?

The enemy had superiority in numbers, his tanks were more heavily armoured, they had larger calibre guns with nearly twice the effective range of ours, and their telescopes were superior. Our critic's 24 must-see shows for March. He was Military attache in Egypt 1940-1942. Fellers was the Military attache in Cairo and he was given every help by the British, but Fellers transmitted his reports to Washington using an old cipher code-called 'Black' code for communications to and from overseas embassies, which had been completely compromised.

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