Who plays mallory in heartland

DPReview Digital Photography. Mallory responds with "Both. Do you have a demo reel? Mallory storms off, leaving him in the vineyard.

who plays mallory in heartland

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Mallory Wells

She meets Jake Anderson in the last chapter of the season, spiraling into a romance with him. In season six, Mallory and her parents come back from Nashville. Often butting into everyone's personal lives, Wells often finds herself in trouble. Mallory gives Ty riding lessons.

Mallory is back: Actress Jessica Amlee reprises role on Calgary-shot Heartland in two-episode arc

Her horse, Copper, is a close companion residing at Heartland. After being discovered, Mallory is allowed to stay at Heartland.

who plays mallory in heartland

Known For. Her love interests throughout the show are Jake and Badger. Part 2 2004... How Much Have You Seen? Greenhouse Academy Jackie Sanders. Little Girl. In the middle of the season, she meets Badger. One day, while berry-picking with Jake and Jamie, Badger and Mallory bicker.

She grows to hate Jamie, often walking off and glaring at the couple. Up 225 this week. After more than sixteen years in the industry Jessica has compiled an impressive list of professional credits. Jamie begins to give Badger riding lessons, adamant that she will have Jake to herself. Little Girl Rose. Sign in. Actress Self. At the end of episode, she converts to a "goth" look, but soon drops it because it scares Copper.

who plays mallory in heartland

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