Who makes alpine design clothing

If you want good quality outdoor gear, you have to go to a store that specializes in outdoor gear, preferably the activity you are interested in.

Alpine Design Vs Alpine Shop Ltd

Size 10. Home Alpine Design. Subscribe to this thread. On closer reading of the history website I linked to above, it looks like George Lamb, the originator of Alpine Designs, Alp Sports, and several other companies sold the rights to his last company, Camp 7, to Sport Chalet. Fleece Top. Chest is 44".

who makes alpine design clothing

I'd always suggest them to local people looking for affordable gear though--especially families and those who are getting started. Sport dress.

alpine design

The REI house brand gear is pretty good. I don't know what happened to General Recreation, but apparently the Alpine Designs name vanished until Sports Authority revived it. Some of the Big Box stores have the occasional bargain, if you know exactly what to look for, and it is true that Sears division of K-Mart and their subsidiary OSH carries Craftsman tools, which are generally excellent and have a "forever" warranty hand tools, not power tools.

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who makes alpine design clothing

Alpine Design, ladies M, fleece pullover top. Alpine design workout sweater. Boots Pants Sandal Shoes Shorts. You are extremely unlikely to find good quality outdoor gear in the Big Box and sport-related "General Stores". I think there are outdoor gear and clothing values at every single price point. Alpine Design. There are some mixed reviews here: The parka will compress down for storage and travel. My experience mirrors what Bill says about the knowledge you'll get from a specialty shop versus a larger outdoor store versus a big box store which I don't even consider an option.

Length is 25" from center of back of neck to end of hem. It means you need to know honestly how you'll use your gear, how often this enters into the value part , and what your real needs and preferences are.

Alpine Designs

Alpine Design Follow Share. Bill raises a good point about the valuable customer service of a local outdoor store.

who makes alpine design clothing

For Sale: I remember Alpine Designs from the 60's.