Who did the revolver cover artwork

who did the revolver cover artwork

Forever timeless! Home News. I'll go out on a limb. Creating one of the most recognised and acclaimed covers for one of the greatest pop albums brought Voormann scant reward in the material world. Newscot likes this.

Klaus Voormann on designing the Revolver cover art

The program is entitled "Beatles Ltd" and was designed and photographed by Robert Freeman. Oslo, Norway.

who did the revolver cover artwork

Ottawa, Ontario. NME Friday, July 29, 1966 The latest Beatles album 'Revolver' certainly has new sounds and new ideas, and should cause plenty of argument among fans as to whether it is as good as or better than previous efforts.

who did the revolver cover artwork

Show 25 25 50 100 All. Jul 24, 2016. They had a German tour coming up, and also a Japan tour.

Cómo hacer una boquilla modelo revolver, Weed Art

Prior to the album's release, the band had set off on a short tour of Western Germany, prior to flying to Japan then the Philippines and finally to the USA for what turned out to be their final gigs, the last of which took place on 29thAugust 1966 at Candlestick Park, San Francisco The distinctive album sleeve design was the work of Klaus Voormann, an old friend from their Hamburg Days.

Big fan of this guy. Doing a cover for the most famous band in the world! In Abbey Road Studios.

The Story Behind the Cover of the Beatles’ ‘Revolver’

The Beatles' seventh album was released in early August 1966. But for many, Revolver stands out as not only the best Beatles cover, but also one of the great works of 20th-century graphic design. He used pen and black ink to create four large line drawings of the Beatles.

who did the revolver cover artwork

United States. Well, what is psychedelic? This was when they had recorded about two-thirds of the tracks for that album.

who did the revolver cover artwork

Most popular. You know - and so it was a Revolver. If the OP is okay with that?