Whats worse burning alive or drowning victim

What's worse, depending on the circumstances, the passengers may remain conscious during the entire process. It's pretty serious pain, but you know it's temporary, you know why you're having it, and it's an exciting event. Pffrbt Follow Forum Posts: Yes, be aware about neck injuries for example, but they are rare in drowning, and if they're not breathing you can deal with the neck issue later if needs be. By browsing Magicseaweed, you agree to our use of cookies.

Even though i would never want either of those cause they suck. Jul 13, 2011 25. Clearly if they regain consciousness and they ask you to stop you should politely do so.

Burning to death or drowning...Which is worse?

Not to replace official training which is something all surfers should be considering. Every Friday at 3PM! The thing is I don't believe people actually die from the burning but the smoke inhalation or shock. Signs that their airway may be obstructed.

A previous version of this article noted that disembowelment was done with a hot poker. On drowning is it deep water diving and knowing that you won't make it to the surface in time or suddenly being pulled down by a sinkhole in a river where the process is going to be fast as hell?

But the moments before death can be fraught with fear and pain.

Is there a worst way to die?

Drowning is the impairment of breathing respiration due to immersion or submersion in liquid. Most surfers, in their repertoire, have a story about the time they almost drowned, about the lessons they learnt and how their behaviour has changed. Tying someone down to the bathtub, turning on the hot water, and slowly watching them die.

From speaking to these experts, it seems that the scientifically worst way to die is the way we're all most likely to die: Keep putting oxygen in their blood 2 rescue breaths and pumping it around their body 30 chest compressions until signs of life return.

Vision started to darken, thoughts started to wander, and how lady luck eventually gave us a helping hand.

What Drowning Feels Like: Asphyxiation In Water Is Silent But Deadly

And of course there's the ultimate fear of nonexistence, of being dead. Talk to people. Even though drowning is scarier, I'd rather drown. Jul 13, 2011 12. FelipeInside Ehhhh... This hints at something deeper, the mother of those other fears: But burning to death sounds also bad. You may or may not know it's the end.