What would you change in the constitution

Any official who deliberately or unintentionally makes voting more difficult shall be immediately removed and their decisions voided and actions reversed. Electing a president was deliberately made cumbersome to stop anyone not as admired as Washington from being elected.

what would you change in the constitution

Timothy M. Spread the word anywhere and everywhere you can.

what would you change in the constitution

Article 8-Renouncing War 1. The constitution itself is clearly at the root of many of our worst problems in American society today. The amendment I propose would have four clauses: The average congressman serves only ten years. The economy was starting to recover from a recession, gliding its way into a tech boom.

How the U.S. Constitution Has Evolved Over Time

The Crisis of Online Feminism Today. Andrew Stewart Getting Sanders Backwards. They feared this minor rebellion might grow into a similar class revolution. This sounds like a fine idea, though not particularly essential to the future of the Republic. Article Five of the Constitution spells it out: The writer is a civil rights lawyer.

9 Changes to the Constitution – How Would You Change It?

The US government is forbidden to go to war or use war as an opportunity to enrich in any way any American businesses, corporations, or individuals.

The Constitution has too many flaws to patch it up with a few amendments here and there. But none of these proposals, not too surprisingly, have majority support among elected political elites, economic elites, or the leadership of either party. Crime rates, including firearm deaths, have been dropping for decades.

The 13th Amendment, in 1865, forever banned the practice of slavery. Article 7-Ending Colonialism 1. Elliot Sperber From Acrostic to Zuckerberg.

what would you change in the constitution

Any bill that has the support of at least one-fifth of the House of Representatives shall be presented to the full House of Representatives for due consideration. Send in your suggestions, criticisms, counter proposals, and arguments.

Term limits - Proposed amendments would eliminate the limit on presidential terms two four-year terms or would impose term limits on congressmen and senators. Most British loyalists and many aristocrats, whether they sided with the colonists or with Britain, lost their property.

what would you change in the constitution

Section 2. These are my proposals.

what would you change in the constitution

Try telling that to a Tea Party member. New Jersey even gave women the right to vote.