What uses ultraviolet waves

The Various Uses for UV Light

Even the fluorescent lamps at your office or school emit some ultraviolet light! Effects of Visible Light Radiation. A common application is represented by UV flashlights. The British scientist Sir George G.

In What Sort of Applications Can UV Light Be Used?

Fluorescent Inspection Various materials react differently when exposed to UV light. Gillespie, Claire. Related posts. Retrieved from https: Ultraviolet Waves Michigan State University: UV light therapy is usually offered at a medical clinic, but can also be found at beauty spas, administered by licensed professionals.

what uses ultraviolet waves

Utilizing UV LED grow lights for your indoor harvest can expand production of polyphenols, which are believed to have cancer prevention agent and anti-aging properties. Lots of natural and manufactured substances can absorb UV radiation, including plants, fungi and synthetic fluorophore.

UV lamps also provide a safe, efficient way to treat water without the need to use harmful chemicals that create pollution in rivers, oceans and other bodies of water.

Suitable doses of Ultraviolet rays cause the body to produce vitamin D , and this is used by doctors to treat vitamin D deficiency and some skin disorders. Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

what uses ultraviolet waves

The photo shows a UV lamp in a chip shop. When you wear sunglasses the pupils of your eye get bigger, because less light reaches them.

what uses ultraviolet waves

Very hot objects emit some amount of UV radiation. All Rights Reserved. Recently more and more companies are incorporating the feature in regular air purifiers.

With the above-described application of UV light, we are set to benefit a lot. This is another positive use of UV light. The human eye can recognize energy just between 400 to 700-nanometer wavelengths. Infrared Light Effect on Eyes. While exposure to UV light is a known risk for skin cancer, some cancerous skin conditions can be treated using UV light.

what uses ultraviolet waves

Maybe you are asking yourself in what limit can light sanitize water and remove harmful organisms. Nature of science Entrepreneurial scientists look to find commercial applications of science findings, knowledge and techniques.

UV lights are used in various applications ranging from industrial, commercial and healthcare sectors. There are two fundamental types of UV controls. Blacklight energy fluctuates from 310 nanometers to 400 nanometers in the electromagnetic spectrum.

what uses ultraviolet waves