What position for lumbar puncture child

what position for lumbar puncture child

Aim for maximum flexion of the spine curl into fetal position , but avoid over flexing the neck, especially in infants as this may cause respiratory compromise. How to best to position lumbar puncture on a small, wiggling child intrigued Alyssa Abo, an assistant clinical professor of pediatrics in the UC Davis School of Medicine.

what position for lumbar puncture child

The second position is the upright or sitting position. Another procedure children have trouble sitting still for is lumbar puncture — commonly known as spinal tap.

A lumbar puncture is usually carried out on the ward, so you should be able to stay with your child to comfort him or her.

Lumbar puncture

You may be able to see some swelling in the lower back, around where the lumbar puncture needle went in. Position the needle in the midline with the bevel pointing towards the ceiling lateral decubitus position or to the side sitting. The first reports of a lumbar puncture LP being undertaken are from the late 19 th century [1].

An Approach to Lumbar Punctures

Bedside ultrasound was used to measure how much space between the vertebrae, or interspinous space, each position achieved.

When you get home If your child is in pain at home, give paracetamol according to the instructions on the bottle.

How to perform a Lumbar Puncture

Lumbar puncture in this patient relieved the symptoms. Remove the stylet. After giving the anaesthetic enough time to work, the spinal needle see Figure 3 may be introduced into the space.

Lumbar puncture may be performed with the child lying on their side or sitting up. Once the correct entry point is identified, clean the skin with antiseptic and proceed with local anaesthetic initially subcutaneously, and then deeper into the layers ensuring a wider distribution of anaesthetic.

what position for lumbar puncture child

By analysing the CSF they will have more information about how the brain may be affected by a medical condition. Why does my child need a lumbar puncture?

what position for lumbar puncture child

So, she decided to study it. Cover the puncture site with a band-aid or occlusive dressing eg Tegaderm Bed-rest following lumbar puncture is of no benefit in preventing headache in children.

what position for lumbar puncture child

Position of the patient is critical. If it clears it can be used for a cell count.