What mcf stand for

what mcf stand for

In Europe, where the metric system is used, the abbreviation most commonly used is thousand of cubic meters or MCM. Ironical it's fully in line with Odd Nerdrum's critique of modern society's rationalization and in-humanization. MCF unknown.

what mcf stand for

This can be used in a caring and helpful tone or a pissed off swear word. The word derives from the original two profits who attend weekly, Maggies Bluff.

MCF - Thousand Cubic Feet

A Northern Seattle gang, whose members are extremely into soccer and attend a Catholic School. A member must also be one with a hard bodie and good amount of hair. The manager had no clue how to direct his team and the entire project turned into an MCF. Credit Unions are like banks, only better, because they use covert phrases to communicate their dedication to excellent customer service. Boilerplate Boilerplate is a term that refers to the standardization of a legal document's structure and language.

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what mcf stand for

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what mcf stand for

The Nice 27. Truck Tonnage Index The truck tonnage index measures the gross tonnage of freight that is transported by motor carriers in the U.

MCF Acronym

Wow, you Maggie Clit Fuck! Billions Of Cubic Feet Equivalent - BCFE Billions of cubic feet equivalent is a natural gas term used to measure how much natural gas is either in reserves, or delivered over extended periods.

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