What is the physical education major

Career Paths for Physical Education & Exercise Science Majors

You may also be interested in B. One way to do this is by asking coaches and P. Physical Education Plan of Study. Once you begin tackling your major, you'll take courses in science, first aid, sports, and human behavior.

The university is home to top-notch athletics facilities, including a newly remodeled fitness center and athletic training room where students can put their education into action.

Physical Education Majors Guide

In other words, if you think going into health will allow you to ignore science classes, you should probably reconsider your approach. Follow NDSU. Many amateur and professional athletes search for an instructor or mentor or trainer who can break down their performance into its various components and analyze how they can increase speed or find more efficiency in their movements.

what is the physical education major

Overview Exercise and physical activity is vital to our health. Minor in Elementary Education School of Education. However, some of the more common topics to see in these programs are:. Associate Degrees in Physical Education and Health Associate degree programs in physical education and health are often found at community colleges, where they can be taken by students who are looking to further their education, but aren't ready or able to set aside four years for a bachelor's program.

In addition to the core curriculum math, science, English required by most bachelor's degree programs, a physical education and health degree program generally focuses on:. Biola physical education majors usually earn a teaching credential and work in public and private schools settings, or teach and coach in various recreation venues or full-time sports ministry positions.

While teachers in other subjects may focus on a text or an abstract idea that can be thought out well in advance, instructors in physical education and health must engage their students in a personal, dynamic way that cannot really be scripted. Changes in how Americans view health, wellness, fitness, recreation, and sports have opened enormous options for people interested in learning how the body works and plays.

Technology in Physical Education. Students will use video cameras and computer software to analyze sport skills and improve teaching effectiveness, K-12 student accountability and personal reflection. Demand for online teaching grows every semester, affording talented instructors the opportunity to expand their scope by producing webcasts and videos of their lectures. Though some of the program content for these degree programs quite literally involves "fun and games," students seeking a physical education and health degree also enroll in serious academic courses on subjects such as kinesiology, morphology, and physiology studies related to motion, body structure, and function.

From kindergarten to college, a physical education and health degree qualifies graduates to teach. For a full list of requirements and courses, refer to the course catalog. This career track appears most often in the field of kinesiology, or study of human movement.

what is the physical education major

Students interested in pursuing graduate degrees with this major can use it as a springboard for medical school, physical therapy training, a research career, sports psychology, exercise physiology, or to become a college athletic director. Curriculum planning Mental health Disease Sexuality Various other health issues Browse certificate programs in physical education.

what is the physical education major

The courses are strategically structured to be sequential in nature. Planning and implementing elementary school fitness activities History of physical education and kinesiology Developing and managing personal fitness programs Understanding human performance principles Functions of skeletal, muscular and nervous systems Acute responses of neuromuscular and respiratory systems Sports psychology in relation to rehabilitation strategies Teaching physical education for the handicapped Integration of faith and leadership View Courses.