What is beyonce real height

Celebrity Height comparison 2018

Beyonce really needs a downgrade. Click Here Given all of this information I would say it is a fair to say that she can be considered 5'6 or 5'6. Hurry up someone get Vern Troyer so I can feel like a giant next to him!

what is beyonce real height

And now, finally after all these years, she's ready to reveal the truth. She could have stilts under that dress!

what is beyonce real height

Beyonce has also appeared to be quite voluptuous but in person it seems she is very petite and slender. I think she's between 5'6.

what is beyonce real height

Guys we never wear heels. Also, music videos are often shot at low angles which add to the appearance of a person being taller than they actually are. Lo probably has the higher heels on. And if you all can tell in that pic with glenn she tends to like bend one knee foward and bend the other leg back.

How tall is Beyonce?

She towers over Kim K and we all know Kim lives in heels. I have never met her, but im just going on this pic and the assumptions of her height. Most of you have been fooled!!! He said she was wearing heels.

How Tall Is Beyonce?

I am 5'6 also, I met her in an elevator about 3 years ago. Adrian Edmondson.

what is beyonce real height

It is still in debate for these reasons and tell me if you've got better sources than me, because NONE of you do! I'm not gay either. No more than 5ft 5, 5ft 4 and half sounds exactly.

what is beyonce real height

She literally throws everyone's name out there to dilute the situation!