What is a bone specialist doctor called

what is a bone specialist doctor called

A neurosurgeon is probably more qualified if the operation involves the dura, the tissue around the spinal cord. Going to a surgeon doesn't mean you're going under the knife.

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what is a bone specialist doctor called

Other situations: Orthopedic Surgeon vs. Bone surgeons use several specialized techniques to treat patients.

A surgeon who's interested in sports medicine may sign up for additional training in surgical sports medicine. For information on how to talk to your primary care doctor and other topics on osteogenesis imperfecta, contact:. For how long? What types of rods are available?

what is a bone specialist doctor called

The goal of the operation is to remove every last bit of cancer from the bone. Which one do you recommend, and why? Surgery is the preferred treatment for most types of bone cancer.

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It's good for back and neck pain; some sufferers are able to cut down on their pain medications after visiting an osteopath. How many times a week, how long a session, and how many sessions in total are needed?

what is a bone specialist doctor called

Will I become less mobile or less able to transfer between sitting, standing, and prone positions? How much of the curve in my spine will the surgery be able to correct? Will this treatment affect my bone mineral density? What types of pain treatment are available? Some bone surgeons specialize in joint replacement. Will the spine be fused? Sports Medicine: A variety of medical specialists treat people with osteoporosis, including internists, gynecologists, family doctors, endocrinologists, rheumatologists, physiatrists, orthopaedists, and geriatricians.

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Talking to Your Orthopaedist: What bone doctors do overlaps and interacts with the practices of other specialists. Food and Drug Administration Toll Free: Sports Medicine UC Denver: