What gun does raylan givens carry

Samantha Simonton. There is probably a practical purpose to using a 9mm instead of a.

Guns of Justified, Part 1

Marshals Service is organized it's a bit different from other LEO agencies go here. Courthouse, Elliott, 49, slips a DVD copy of the "Justified" pilot episode into the laptop computer to his right.

what gun does raylan givens carry

After a questionable on-the-job shooting in Miami, he is reassigned to the Marshals field office in Lexington, Kentucky. After high school she went on to the University of Mississippi, landing at the Marshals Service shortly thereafter in reality, most Deputy Marshals serve in some other law enforcement capacity before being accepted into the Marshals Service.

You never put yourself in a situation that could come back to haunt you.

what gun does raylan givens carry

It appears to have an added beveled mag well, 3 hole combat trigger and Novak sights. The Sig P226 was exceptionally popular with many federal agencies at one point in time.

He worked undercover narcotics from 1983 until '87, the year he followed in his father's footsteps by becoming a deputy U.

what gun does raylan givens carry

The Ithaca 37 begat both the 500 and the 870, and one shows up in Season 3, a nickel-plated pistol grip-only model that bartender, and Givens love interest, Lindsey Salazar Jenn Lyon retrieves from behind her bar. However, like most of the characters, he used something different in the pilot episode.

'Justified': A real U.S. marshal checks out Raylan Givens

In the series premiere "Fire in the Hole" S1E01 , one of the "Pork" brothers uses an AKM first during a bank robbery then uses it to pin down Raylan's team alongside his brother. Frank Lance Barber , a cartel henchman from L.

what gun does raylan givens carry

Michael Rapaport. Irish Setter Ravine Boots.

Every Time Raylan Givens Shot Someone (Nearly) -- Justified Shootout Scenes

Raylan seems to get away with a lot. You dress appropriately for court, but, if you're apprehending fugitives and jumping fences, you're in jeans. This revolver also is seen in the hands of Arnold Pinter David Eigenberg later in the episode.

what gun does raylan givens carry

Marshals on the show, Raylan packs a Glock 17 in 9mm, thought real U. Some vintage iron does make an appearance, in the form of a Colt Dragoon.