What does verge of tears meaning

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what does verge of tears meaning

If I was telling a story, I might say:. JimMack Not being able to cry in front of some, might make you verklempt. Being clenched due to overcoming emotions in a situation with other people around that is being verklempt, regardless of which emotion.

on the verge of

GreenAsJade That is why this phrase is so cliche. I believe "lacrimose" is usable in this context. Related 2. You are overcome with emotion, otherwise you would not be close to tears, but being verklempt not naturally means being close to tears, does it?

Using the thesaurus. Daniel Two things: In my mind, the value here is not only in finding the one answer that helps this asker most, but also in providing information that would be useful or interesting to all future ELL visitors who come across this question as they search for their own answers.

Jimmy Henchman On The Verge Of Tears In His Cell Admits Taking L To 50 Cent

Open Dictionary like minding mice at a crossroads said of trying to organize something that is tricky add a word. If you're trying to describe the feeling of being about to cry in normal conversation, my answer is probably preferable.

The only difference between a word or a phrase is the societal convention in how to write it down. I doubt the finding of a single word to replace it.

what does verge of tears meaning

Show less. Teary , Tearful , Weepy , Misty-Eyed. It might be helpful to clarify that tear up is also idiomatic in the sense of "ripping something to shreds" if you read it as the wrong tear. Feeling choked up means feeling "a lump in your throat" and the sensation of being about to start crying.

what does verge of tears meaning

She was so upset when she didn't pass the audition that she almost started to cry. This question already has an answer here: Note this term is more commonly used to describe a 'full cry state' especially when the cry-er is male and even more particularly when the onlooker point-of-view is also that of a man.

what does verge of tears meaning

Examples of word usage are also welcome. Many thanks.

what does verge of tears meaning

That's not how you spell it. Perhaps you are about to ' tear up ', or are ' tearing up '. Maybe you just dont want to show the tears, but would be able to. Annabel was hovering on the brink of tears.