What does the latin word sic mean

What Does [sic] Mean?

Ralph Umbarger, Houston USA The Latin adverb sic abbreviated from sic erat scriptum, "thus was it written" Paul Donnelly, Castlebay, United Kingdom As a case study for those interested in disecting reasons for divergent language this particular thread should excel.

The usage discussed above is, however, correct.

what does the latin word sic mean

Jeff Adair on October 22, 2008 9: As a Scot living in England I am horrified by the mangling to which the English subject their language. Sic is…to indicate that it was not part of the original. May 29, 2015, at 1: A note of caution: I am writing a piece using UK english but quoting a lot of American writers — should I keep the American spelling in the quote and put [sic] after each word that uses the American spelling? April 29, 2017, at 9: The girl was never heard from again. What Does [sic] Mean?

What Does Sic Mean?

Now I've read it all! April 4, 2013, at 12: It is strange that you have been told not to make any corrections or additions. Surely the purpose is to indicate the error of another in a direct quote, and the purpose of these comments is to inform those less confident in their language use rather than to confuse them with further misuse and ambiguity?

what does the latin word sic mean

I can lend you no more then ten dollars. Raghav Gupta says: Sic is a handy literary device that allows you to capture the essence of a quotation or passage while still acknowledging an intentional error.

what does the latin word sic mean

Hope that long-winded explanation has some value for somebody. Mark on October 18, 2010 9: What does sic mean? April 1, 2013, at 7: Ethical conundrums. Sic is usually italicized and placed right after the error.