What does merging traffic mean

Using the acceleration lane, look for an opening in traffic, signal and accelerate to or near the traffic speed, yield to traffic already on freeway.

what does merging traffic mean

Most drivers still consider people who drive past a waiting line of cars and then merge in at the front of the line to be unconscionably rude. In-Car Lessons. Content in panel 2.

Changing lanes and merging

Then they merge in as soon as they can, effectively cutting in front of you and other center-lane drivers in the process. Thank you for joining our mailing list. Sign up for online drivers education today! The polite drivers in that left lane put their blinkers on right away, and move over as soon as someone lets them in. Sponsored Business Content. Merge here. So while you're on the road this weekend, if you're in heavy traffic and your lane is ending, feel free to zoom to the end and merge into the next lane at the head of the line.

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Merging Traffic Road Sign

Merging on roads that don't have lane markings. In this situation, you must give way to any vehicle that's in front of you.

what does merging traffic mean

GO username or email address. Neither satisfied or dissatisfied 3. When you change lanes, you must give way to any vehicle in the lane you are moving into. But guess what?

what does merging traffic mean

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what does merging traffic mean

Create Account. Find your topics the quicker way. Is your feedback about: A lot of studies show those rude drivers are helping traffic flow better. Say you're driving along in the center lane on a traffic-filled highway, and the left lane is ending in a few hundred yards, due to construction or the way the road is built.

what does merging traffic mean

Please enter a valid email. A stop can mean a slow and dangerous start into fast-moving traffic and can affect traffic behind you and cause collisions.