What does line mean in mathematical terms

what does line mean in mathematical terms

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what does line mean in mathematical terms

It is not used for personalising ads. Consider first lines in a two-dimensional plane. Sign up using Facebook.

what does line mean in mathematical terms

A line in two dimensions can also be represented as a vector. Hot Network Questions.

Perpendicular Lines - Definition with Examples

What are perpendicular lines? Graph Theory. New York: A point is shown by a dot.

what does line mean in mathematical terms

Reading, MA: The line through a point parallel to. Wiley, pp. All students can login from a single place using this option. Portions of this entry contributed by Christopher Stover. It's a term I've read mainly in older geometry books, and I was able to understand it from context, after seeing it many times. This website uses cookies to analyse traffic and for ad measurement.

An introduction to geometry

Practice online or make a printable study sheet. Meaning of producing a line segment Ask Question. Harary 1994 called an edge of a graph a "line. It means it is extended from point B.

While lines are intrinsically one-dimensional objects, they may be embedded in higher dimensional spaces. Collection of teaching and learning tools built by Wolfram education experts: Geometry Perpendicular and parallel Overview Angles, parallel lines and transversals.

Sign in to Splash Math. I want to use Splash Math as a... A plane is named by three points in the plane that are not on the same line.