What does heteronomous morality means custom

what does heteronomous morality means custom

They may not realize that some "bad" behaviors come from good intentions. In that situation, maybe lying is better.

what does heteronomous morality means custom

Search for: Proposals for defending the concept include describing agents as autonomous when they are under the influence only of reason, when they can identify with the motivations prompting their action, or when they are capable of acting so as to change their motivations if they cannot identify with them.

Whether or not it is also a rule is less important. Even some actions that are seen as immoral may change with a bit of nuance. They believe that these rules are almost divine and given by God Himself, and they've been like that since the dawn of time.

This is because the child has gained the ability to see other moral views of other people. In the ethics of Kant the terms are more specific. With the concept of justice, a child will soon realize that it's imperfect. Also, a child will try to figure out the difference between wrongdoing that is deliberate and accidental. Delete Cancel Save.


This does make sense. In this post, we will discuss two different kinds of morality.

what does heteronomous morality means custom

From his perspective, this ethical development is closely linked to the development of intelligence and should lead us from moral dependence on others to independence.

As the child grows, they become aware of the moral value of their actions. Autonomy is the capacity for self-government. Now, let's look at autonomous morality or moral relativism. This is in the heteronomy stage. He developed the concepts of autonomy and heteronomy.

How Does Heteronomous Morality Differ From Autonomous Morality?

When a child tries to understand the rules, they may ask a few questions about it. They are aware of the value of the norm they are carrying out. Moral Responsibility As a child tries to understand the rules, they then learn how to understand the responsibility that comes with rules.

Is it because of the outcome? All rights reserved. The idea of punishing everyone for the actions of one is seen as ridiculous to many children.