What does a royal navy writer do

Some of the jobs mentioned above may not have been applicable for the whole period under discussion, but it is hoped that it will give you a flavour of the type of work involved. Royal Navy Reviews by Location Portsmouth. In additon to his daily job the writer would often be called upon to help with many jobs where there was a demand for manpower eg raising and lowering of seaboats, coaling when all the ship's company were involved And even after WWII, if there were problems with winches we daymen would often be called upon to provide manpower to raise seaboats and assist with refuelling at sea RAS in its many guises ie hauling in the pipes used for transferring fuel oil, assisting with the process of transferring bulk stores below decks.

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The stiff collars did become a bit much in very hot weather! When at sea, of course, the above work would be carried out with an old fashioned pen and ink, even if one felt sea sick - and in later times I can remember trying to type in a heavy swell with the carriage refusing to move when one hit a key!

what does a royal navy writer do

Working 9-4 sometimes included duties, fabulous way of life and brilliant job I worked there from the age of 16 so it was all I had known however I do miss it. On a small ship he might have had to do all these jobs, but on a larger ship he would have concentrated on one aspect of the job.

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Review this company. Find Companies. Our community is ready to answer. No two days were ever the same, travelled the world, PA to senior members of the armed forces, admin role, firefighter roles, tech office writer roles. Loved my experience and learnt some very valuable life skills visited many places and seen things that you could never dream of as a civilian.

what does a royal navy writer do

Made friends for life. For jobs in Russia, visit ru. Royal Navy. Upload your CV Sign in. So depending on the size of ship it was not unusual for these officers to have their own branch writer ratings e.

what does a royal navy writer do

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what does a royal navy writer do

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what does a royal navy writer do

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