What are some sports nutrition myths

what are some sports nutrition myths

If you routinely overindulge after dinner, it's the overindulging that's sabotaging your weight-control efforts, not the hour on the clock.

The water in coffee and tea compensates for the caffeine. But don't take this as license to go overboard. Hospitals and Clinics View All.

Top 10 Sports Nutrition Myths

During intense exercise, the body needs energy, and sugar is one of the most important sources. If you focus on those good-for-you foods first, a little junk every now and then won't hurt.

what are some sports nutrition myths

However, you should be working to find the best fluid intake strategy for you instead of trying to consume as much fluid as possible. Myth 4: And, they may not actually do anything to improve your health.

More Food And Nutrition Articles. Hyponatremia, or low blood sodium, is common in endurance sports and may affect up to 30 percent of participants. Share this article. Great products!

what are some sports nutrition myths

Dark breads are more nutritious than white breads. Also, there are many nutrients beyond calcium important to bone health including vitamin D, vitamin K and magnesium.

The 8 Most Common Sports Nutrition Myths

Eating nutrient-dense foods, like lean proteins and veggies, will fill you up without weighing you down. Anding is also a certified specialist in sports dietetics.

what are some sports nutrition myths

To build muscle, you need to eat a healthy diet, which includes a normal amount of protein, and strength train regularly. One of the primary differences between grass and conventional fed cows is their fatty acid profile, with the former having slightly higher levels of omega 3 and CLA levels. Myth 5: Your post-exercise weight should not be more than a couple pounds lighter than your starting weight.

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Without standardization, they may not be as safe as you think. Many women experience more cravings around their menstrual cycles, a result of shifting or surging hormones. In fact, many of our powerful drugs, like digitalis a heart medicine , are plant derivatives.

what are some sports nutrition myths

For instance, can chocolate really boost physical performance? What you eat—and how much—is far more important than when you eat it. Taking in excess fluid is always good. But do make a point to spread your food intake out over the day to sustain your energy. Myth 2: