Total hip replacement precautions how long

total hip replacement precautions how long

If you need in-home physical therapy, we will arrange for therapy and provide you with the contact information of the company. Will I set off machines at airport security? You may temporarily change rooms make the living room your bedroom, for example to minimize the use of stairs.

total hip replacement precautions how long

Ask your doctor or therapist for their advice on your activity. If desired, you may continue to wear a bandage to protect the incision from irritation.

If you had surgery on your right hip, you should not drive for at least one month.

Activities and Exercises to Avoid After a Total Hip Replacement

The physical therapist plays a very important role in recovery. There is another layer within your hip socket. Don't reach down to pull up blankets when lying in bed. Most patients are stable with a walker for the first few weeks after surgery.

total hip replacement precautions how long

These should be continued indefinitely even after your recovery is complete. In most cases, however, no treatment is necessary.

total hip replacement precautions how long

Can I drink alcohol? Article Sources Dargel, J.

Hip Replacement Surgery

To arise from kneeling, use your nonoperative leg first. This bending is called hip flexion.

Taking care of your new hip joint

Updated by: Your surgeon is a great source for a more specific timeframe. Case Management will help arrange for equipment if needed. Ninety to ninety-five percent of patients have good to excellent results with relief of discomfort after the hip replacement.

total hip replacement precautions how long

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