Theotokos icon joy of all who sorrow

theotokos icon joy of all who sorrow

Rejoice, Thou that deliverest the world from sorrows! Rejoice, heavenly ladder by which the Lord descended to us! But they did not find the body in the tomb and in perplexity they returned to their own place; and then, during their meal, the Mother of God Herself appeared to them in the air, shining with heavenly light, and informed them that Her Son had glorified Her body also, and She, resurrected, stood before His Throne.

Religious Orthodox icon: Theotokos the Joy of All Who Sorrow

What's important, these are not cheap aluminium staff from China often promoted as 'Greek-made' , but solid brass products which will last forever.

Traditional Greek-Orthodox Byzantine icon in canonical iconographic style.

theotokos icon joy of all who sorrow

Rejoice, font wherein our sorrows are drowned! O Lady, Thy most honored icon, a light-bearing lamp lit by the ember of the Grace of God, hath appeared unto us for our sanctification and consolation.

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Icon of the Mother of God "The Joy of All Who Sorrow"

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theotokos icon joy of all who sorrow

Troparion of the Icon Tone 4. Beholding the streams of wonders which pour forth from Thy holy icon, O most blessed Mother of God, in that Thou art the good helper of them that pray, the support of the oppressed, the hope of the hopeless, the consolation of them that grieve, the nourisher of the hungry, the raiment of the naked, the chastity of virgins, the guide of strangers, the assistance of them that labor, the restoration of sight for the blind, the clear hearing of the deaf, and the healing of the sick, in Thee do we thankfully chant unto God: Religious Orthodox icon: Another copy of the icon was found in Saint Petersburg; on July 23, 1888, during the severe thunderstorm, lightning struck a chapel at a glass factory, burning the interior walls of the church, but leaving the icon unsinged.

In this icon, the most holy Mother of God is depicted standing full stature sometimes with, sometimes without the Divine Child in her arms; she is surrounded by all manner of the sick and the suffering, to whom Angels of the Lord bear gifts of mercy, consolation, and suitable aid from the most holy Theotokos. Worship February 20, 2019 0. Please consider supporting OrthodoxWiki.

Akathist to the Theotokos, Joy of All Who Sorrow

A tempest of many misfortunes and temptations doth beset me, and no longer can I endure its ragings. Lauding Thy mercies and wonders, O Theotokos, we all praise Thee as our steadfast mediatress, and we bow down with compunction before Thee that prayest for us, and we implore: Wherefore do we beseech Thee: At the same time She promised to be with them always.

theotokos icon joy of all who sorrow

The design of this icon depicts the Theotokos , a most beautiful blossom of heaven, standing among the flowers of paradise. Email the photo and text to: Rejoice, cup that drawest joy for us from the Fountain of Immortality!

theotokos icon joy of all who sorrow

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