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Complete with the pic sleeve also in as new condition.

the groovers where you belong discogs logo

In particular, the final movement the 12-minute "Evening TV" could have gone further and really blown the roof off with some extended solos and the like like, say, the finale of Yes' "Tales", etc , but instead plays it safer and feels a bit complacent perhaps matching the musical vibe to the lyrical message?

The music is really excellent through and through. First press original with the better more raw version.

the groovers where you belong discogs logo

This does make for a very dynamic sound which leaves the band with a fresh angle for each album. Of these, I really like the live proto-punk "Hat" recorded during Tillison's high-school years.

The Groovers (8)

The longest epic "The Celluloid Road" is probably the main contribution that listeners will focus on. British Traditional Jazz: Luke Machin really shines on this track - really musical soloing.

the groovers where you belong discogs logo

It is not bad in any way, but it could have been even better. The Tangent - ii: But for the most part the music is subdued, orderly, precise. Instead, the best track of the collection - "Where are they now" - opens the album.

the groovers where you belong discogs logo

Both danceable, fun, and yet still 'prog'. Vinyl has two hairlines. Jai Jeffryes-Tangent Shores: Not your typical Hi sound.


Cover has hand written programming sticker on back. This is an enjoyable toe-tapping piece with the clarity of Andy's vocal getting the message over very clearly.

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