Strathmore whos who complaints

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'Who’s Who' Directory Scams

How was I nominated, and for what specific accomplishments? Gladys Dominguez June 23, 2017 at 11: The only thing we did was listen and comply with her wishes.

strathmore whos who complaints

We would appreciate if you wouldremove it and consider it void. Desired Settlement: Please leave your comment below. I wrote an email to you mentioning my difficulty in filing the complaint and copied Strathmore Directories.

strathmore whos who complaints

In fact, when I paid for my initial one year membership, the full payment was split among two cards for a one time transaction only. She said that she had a recording of which I had been informed of of the call on which I had authorized the charge and proceeded to play it for me.

Telemarketers falsely claiming they are calling from Google Books.

strathmore whos who complaints

Reply Close. I will definitely continue to use my membership. Why does she have the wrong amount, you might ask? Strathmore, needs to practice informing consumers in a clear manner and not converse in ambiguity. It amazing how I am not the only consumer who has experienced the same similar if not exact tactic this company seems to continental to use.

Strathmore Who's Who Worldwide

Nor do we appreciate the innuendos suggested. We are extremely upset that this complaint even exists and feel that there is no shred of truth to any of it. What a joke. Even if it's not that big of deal, meaning no one really looks at it, it can't really hurt.

Due to the highly unethical actions of this family, we have revoked the two subsequent programs that are in contention and refunded the charges.