Single pearl necklace choker how to wrap

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And again, this is simply due to natural, slight variations in any hank of cultured pearls. If you love pearls — looking at them, playing with them, wearing them — this is the necklace for you. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. So we need take time to produce and pick.

What Pearl Necklace Length Should I Get?

Contact Us for a current price quote. This is best with a smaller 52-Inch Rope, as the 100-Inch Endless will be way too long to wear comfortably as a single strand. With all pearl strands, you'll encounter slight variations in total length — this is due to hanks of pearls matched according to size range, i. Natural variations occur in each hank of pearls, so a variance from 0. Black or White.

single pearl necklace choker how to wrap

Welcome to Aobei Pearl. These eye-catching designs are the perfect pieces to adapt to all sorts of looks, and serve as an effortless base for layering. Since most of our products are handmade and small.

Choose your options. Read Our Pearl Grading Guides: Browse our wide variety of thoughtful, fashionable designs. Pearls are not only beautiful and elegant. Showing items 1-96 of 390.

single pearl necklace choker how to wrap

Remember earlier on in this article where I posted a pro-tip about natural variations in necklace length? You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

single pearl necklace choker how to wrap

Wearing a pearl rope isn't just about layering around your neck although that's my favorite way to wear one myself!