Save tabs when closing firefox

save tabs when closing firefox

This will end that issue. Chosen Solution Firefox 63 doesn't have the browser. I have a couple of machines at home that all five in our family use, and it'll be a headache to go in under each profile and have to do the about: The difference in 4 is that it is now a warning that they are closing, like I used to receive if I had multiple browser windows open, and will not permit a save.

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Topic Tab basics. Chosen solution Normally, Firefox saves your open Windows and tabs as you go in case your browser crashes, so it can restore your session automatically.

save tabs when closing firefox

Firefox 63 doesn't have the '''browser. Obsolete preferences that you have customized can linger forever.

How To Quit Firefox And Save Tabs

Each person seems to have a different preference, so any other info you wanted to mention could be useful context for other Firefox 63 users. Tried your second advice about "When Firefox starts" and it worked! I've made the changes to about: Support Forum. Now it does NOT. It is possible that there is a problem with the files sessionstore.

save tabs when closing firefox

Support Forum. See also: Thanks for trying to help. I am aware of the Restore Previous Session option but it simply adds another layer to the process.

save tabs when closing firefox

I didn't realize it was on the Drop Down "When Firefox starts" and it was staring me in the face the whole time!! Sorry, but Firefox always has asked about saving tabs in version 3 and 4 without my changing anything. Hi tinyMozillian, here in support we work with the Firefox we have today and can suggest relevant features, settings changes, and workarounds.

Save Tabs & Close Firefox

System Details Windows 7 Firefox 32. Is there a good reason why the the SaveandQuit has been removed? Application Firefox 37. Sorry - Want me to take a screen shot of what I see?

Chosen solution Okay - I 'Finally' found it! If you see files sessionstore-. If you had tabs and windows open when you closed Firefox, the default Firefox Start page will have a Restore Previous Session button on it.