Ro2 how to bonsai bougainvillea

The branches of most varieties do have sharp thorns of varying lengths so care must be taken when trimming and pruning. All prices are in USD. Westover, Jessica. As a garden plant, it is versatile and trainable — used as hedges, ground cover, container plants, or decorative growth on latticework or walls. This scraggly bougainvillea plant was found in a South Florida landscape nurse ry. We recommend bringing your Bougainvillea indoors during cold winter weather dropping below 30 degrees to ensure safety and survival.

Bougainvillea leaves are heart shaped and the bark is rather interesting and gnarly. Single and double flower forms are available. Watch for a rosy tinge to the leaves. Additional Comments: There are many varieties of this subtropical, with Bougainvillea brazilinensis 'Pink Pixie' being a particularly good choice because of its harder woody trunk.

How to Make a Bougainvillea Bonsai

Select a 6- to 8-inch tall bougainvillea plant from a local nursery. Home Guides Garden Gardening. Sporothrix schenckii fungus. Look closely at what you may have thought to be the flower; you will see where the colored bracts surround the white tubular flowers.

To thicken branches, remove all blooms but do not prune the branch. Other recommendations include supplementing with iron to intensify colors and increase bloom production and routinely administering slow-release fertilizer in a 6-8-9 ratio. Site Map. Download this care sheet as a PDF. Shop our bonsai trees!

Bougainvillea Bonsai Care Guide

If rot is detected on your Bougainvillea, cut it out completely to prevent spreading. The woody, gnarled stem of this popular plant makes it especially good for growing as a bonsai. When styling a bonsai Bougainvillea , keep in mind all the exciting color it will eventually provide. Repot your Bougainvillea about every 3 to 4 years and do so in the spring. Cannabis Culture Careers Advertising.

Because Bougainvillea generally blooms on new growth, each branch, as blooms begin to fade, should be cut back to a point somewhat shorter than the desired length.