Platinum wedding rings costco wholesale

And I quote the reply from the email I received when I requested to see a scanned copy of the IGI appraisal document for the ring:. Related Articles. Thanks for taking time to leave a comment. Blue Nile shoppers can choose from several setting styles for the diamond that they select at an additional cost.

Costco Engagement Rings Review – Are They Really Cheaper?

Cullen -. I am in the process of engagement ring shopping and was hoping you could help me out. Has all certificates…. Here are some things you should know before you buy a diamond ring from Costco or anywhere else. Should I insist on seeing the original report? I agree with your assessment against other mom and pop retailers.

platinum wedding rings costco wholesale

You will know this if you bothered to read through the entire review. Steve -. It comes in a set as with a wedding band. Believe it or not, Costco has one of the most liberal and generous return policy in the industry.

The lack of images for their online listings and lack of product knowledge of their sales people means you have to depend on yourself when choosing diamonds.

platinum wedding rings costco wholesale

You get better quality than what you would get at a place like Zales. GIA triple excellent is really broad and encompasses lots of mediocre stones. Comparable rings anywhere else cost twice as much. You Need To Read This! Yes, you CAN get a good deal online from a number of online retailers but you take on monetary risks with it.

Guide to Buying a Diamond Ring at Costco (COST, TIF)

I have no love for other gemological labs other than GIA and AGS because these are the 2 labs that grade diamonds to the highest standards. But both of us having been married before and having purchased diamond rings before, we felt well-informed and were cautiously optimistic.

Basically, I ended back at square one and wasted my time.

platinum wedding rings costco wholesale

In addition, if your looking online, skip looking on there. That should tell you something! Ruby -. Be Careful Here.

platinum wedding rings costco wholesale

Jennifer -.