Nhl how many points for a win

How would the NHL standings look under different points systems?

In international hockey, every game is a three-point game. With the three-point systems, teams would be motivated to earn the full three points in regulation. Hockey Pods. Imagine this in football. They earned 14 points by way of overtime and shootout losses, propelling them into the playoffs and ahead of both wild card teams, despite having two and three less wins than those teams too.

The NHL Overtime Loser Point is For Losers

Some historians say the NHL used this format to some success in the past, but the old league scrolls have been lost to time, which means this way of deciding games is merely the stuff of legends. If the Montreal Canadiens and Bruins have 69 points and are tied 2-2 with four minutes to go, there's no way their coaches will risk a scenario that leaves them three points back in the standings at game's end.

nhl how many points for a win

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nhl how many points for a win

In some cases, the changes are subtle. Take a look at the tables below to see how the current NHL standings as of today would be affected. Instead of running the hurry-up offense, they take three knees to get to overtime to get a loser point.

nhl how many points for a win

At a glance, the NHL points system makes decent sense. Losing is losing.

Fixing the NHL Points System and Re-Seeding the 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs

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nhl how many points for a win