Ipod touch how to set battery percentage

April 29, 2017.

ipod touch how to set battery percentage

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6gen is showing Battery Percentage?

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ipod touch how to set battery percentage

Below are the instructions to show battery percentage on your iPhone or iPad. Look at the corner at the right top of Control Center, you might find out the battery percentage indicator next to the battery icon. No iPod Touches can show the battery percentage at the top of the screen unless you jailbreak them.

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Guys, To show the battery percentage on an iPod 6th generation is way easier than what is described above.

Enable Battery Percentage Meter On iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch

When you have turned on the Low Power Mode, which is aimed at power saving on iPhone, the battery percentage will always display in the status bar. In order to charge your iPhone faster, you can quit all apps and turn off all features on your iPhone while charging, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cellular data, DNF mode, music, games, videos, and etc. It helps you be pleased to gauge and say how much the remaining power is left on your iPhone or iPad.

ipod touch how to set battery percentage

Hot Articles iOS Update: If you rely on using an iPod Touch to help you do work at your small business, you know the importance of keeping tabs on how much power is available on the device. By default, the iOS system does not display the battery power percentage in the upper right corner of the iPhone screen.

ipod touch how to set battery percentage

Battery Level Apple: All you need do is swipe left on your home screen to reveal the widget app area. For example, processor-intensive apps such as games run for less time than apps in which you are writing short messages or browsing websites.

Log into your account. For iPhone users who are new to iOS system, it takes some time to get familiar with such a closed system.

ipod touch how to set battery percentage

Then you can see the percentage of battery remaining in the status bar on iPhone screen now.