Ill be better when its over

Dora Dora, I once called you mine but I did not see fit to marry on the back of one thin dime you gave me your promise but you would not give me time Dora you would not give me time.

I gotta know if it all still means what I thought it did when I was seventeen. Krystle J 17 February 2019 Hey all, I'm looking for a song which played on 947 between 2005 and 2006,not sure if the lyrics is exact. Please send help!! Anonymous 24 February 2019 Help!! You had your head against the glass And your feet up on the dash While you halfway hum the tune But you don't know it like I do.

ill be better when its over

Anna 25 February 2019 I'm looking for a song by a female where the chorus is something like "You and i ---" and the "---" sounds like or rhymes with "at seveteen" or "insanity" or "are set a team", i can't remember. If you were holding my hand. I know you dreamed that bus to Houston, heard you talking in your sleep.

ill be better when its over

The song starts off with "and it ends with a kiss" 2 days too soon to fall together, your hearts too big and your beds too small, your bound to hit the ground whenever you fall". And they sang a song about their father leaving. Birthday Song.

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Baby it's not you that I'm leaving It's this place and way of life I know you won't leave these mountains And I don't expect you to go I can't live on sawmill wages and muddy roads. Hello I'm Reg, ur new friend forget about old ruby I know some lyrics ashes ohhhhh ash you think you know whatever friend I have you think she's worth nothing........

You can bet they wonder how the bills get paid, when you dance all night and you sleep all day. Hi, I'm looking for a song which is a mixture of english and russian, and it was something like a rap song.

ill be better when its over

Ok the weirdest thing happened recently- I woke up with these lyrics in my head ' ooo ooo just like before, I should've known you better? And tell me that we belong together, Dress it up with the trappings of love. He was forty-six with the wife and the kids and the job with the suit and the tie.

KillPop 22 February 2019 It might be Bring me the horizon or something, not sure. Just trying to get by, one day at a time But shit just gets in the way You got the same last name and a baby to change And nothing could make this okay You're drowning yourself in nothing but love that just isn't enough You can't win for losin but maybe that's just me So sick of the lifestyle I'm not even choosing So tired of the same routine.

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Hi, actually i want to find a song that i know most of the lyrics but i couldn't, here is part of it: Get on now" something like that. Never spent time in the kitchen, cause why just cook for one?

High - The speaks

All you ever needed was someone to tell you you were right.