Hudy setup station instructions how to tie

Toss them.

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Brandon Collins. Both are very high quality products and do the job well. Read Reviews 10 Average Rating: Live Chat Back To Top.

hudy setup station instructions how to tie

Here are some tips for using this setup system. Hobbywing Xerun Sensor Wire 80mm.

hudy setup station instructions how to tie

Now my cambers, toe and steering are more accurate. Take your time and make small changes and verify these changes by fully compressing the suspension and releasing.

Channel Sticker and Integy Setup Station

Boom Racing 1. When I asked Hudy's customer service what I needed to make it work for ST they couldn't give me an answer.


Military Trucks. Team Raffee Co. RC Basics: Backlash-free, wobble-free mounting of the full ball-bearing equipped set-up stands 12 high-precision ball-bearings provides ultra-smooth, ultra-precise movement and operation. I Agree.

hudy setup station instructions how to tie

It was an eye opener to see how inaccurate my set up was. Incredibly well built and very easy to use. Daniel Brown Share: This set-up station is the easiest and most accurate that I have ever used.

hudy setup station instructions how to tie

They are simply referring to the little mount screws that hold the 4 assemblies together. The kit does NOT include the thumb screws needed to actually use this thing with a buggy.

hudy setup station instructions how to tie

Oddly the Hudy was the only one in stock and that confirmed my purchase. Highly recommend the wheel nuts so not to scuff finish with serated nuts...

You can watch the scales cahnge as you rotate the turnbuckles with a wrench. If you want your car to handle the way its designed to, you must have this item. Instruction book is well written. By using ATees. Team Associated Shock Bushing Ball 4. Delivered in handy foam packing for comfortable and safe storage and transport.