Howden kitchen worktop height

Get on your hands and knees and with the point of your compass on the floor and the pencil end on the front face of your cupboards, strike a line across the front face of your cupboard legs and plinth. Dain1 , 2 Dec 2018 , in forum: And when Hussein took the matter up with Howdens, a representative asked him how well he knew his builder, and implied he might want to choose another.

Whatever the builder chooses to do, it is for them to decide. If you have chosen a worktop which is say 40mm thick then you should aim to have a finished worktop height at a minimum of 910mm as it is unwise to cut the cupboards themselves down to less than 870mm in height as this may cause problems fitting an appliance under the top rail due to its height.

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You must log in or sign up to reply here. I am at about 895mm. The battens at the back should be anchoring the cupboard to the wall and should sit no higher than the height of the cupboard otherwise this will affect the level of the worktop. To his surprise, the company then set up an account for him in his own name.

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howden kitchen worktop height

Appliance Housing Int. For example, if your cupboards sits 20mm above the 870mm pencil line, set your compass at 20mm.

howden kitchen worktop height

Yes, my password is: We generally say that a skilled carpenter could fit a standard sized kitchen in 3 - 5 days depending on the design. So how can the price of white goods and kitchen cupboards vary so dramatically?

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Floor levels will vary by up to 50mm and more in some cases so all kitchens will have a high and low point meaning that if the kitchen is fitted level the plinth heights will vary. Gallery Our Projects Your Projects. What works in other kitchens may not necessarily be of any use to you so your kitchen is custom made to suit you.

howden kitchen worktop height

Rural Developments. Share This Page Tweet. If you would like to read further about what goes into fitting British Standard Cupboards, please download our Fitting Guide. This means that your builder can make a profit on any product purchased by Howdens.

We would suggest that the line is undercut, in other words, perfect at the front but perhaps 2-3mm less at the back.

howden kitchen worktop height