How to save a marriage relationship

It can also lead to kissing!

how to save a marriage relationship

When did you last talk for hours, hold hands at a movie, or smooch behind a plant in the mall? Rather than discussing chores and necessities, talk about your opinions, feelings, curiosities, fears, and goals.

how to save a marriage relationship

Express your underlying concerns. Love may have come easy when it was brand new.

How to Save Your Marriage And Stop Divorce (Complete Guide)

A counselor can offer an objective perspective and help you develop the skills needed to mend the gap in your relationship. To alleviate boredom, do something new and exciting each time. The amazing sangria you shared in Spain on your honeymoon.

10 Ways to Save a Struggling Marriage

I then had to face the situation and decide if it was a deal breaker or if, with some effort by both of us, we could be forgiving and accepting of a few flaws. As you grow more comfortable being physically intimate, work on touching each other, kissing and, eventually, having sex more often.

Think about first meeting your spouse, your first date, when you got engaged, your wedding, and when your children were born, if you have any.

how to save a marriage relationship

To do the win-win waltz, notice you have differences, which probably will become evident because you are beginning to argue or to feel hopeless.

However, don't just ignore each other. Get help from a marriage counselor.

how to save a marriage relationship

The first step to healing your relationship, says Evans, is accepting that you are as much, if not more, to blame. If your marriage is on the verge of falling apart, you must strengthen your connection by communicating more.

7 Last-Ditch Ways To Save Your Marriage (When You Feel Hopeless)

What should I do? If your spouse is the one with the problem, trying to learn how to save the marriage may be a mistake. Set aside a time of the day for you and your spouse to have a good talk.

how to save a marriage relationship

Sign in. Chances are, you launched your marriage with both promises and prayers. Surround yourselves with people in healthy relationships. Click to view 18 images.